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A rare treat to note

November 19, 2016

Since it’s the weekend I’d like to write about something light-hearted and necessary in life. Then it comes to mind with food rightfully.

We had a rather nice dinner in a friend’s home several days ago, which I call it a rare treat. Because the food she cooked involved two curry dishes, and she usually cooks Thai/Chinese food. I’m not a big fan of curry cuisine, only a couple of times in a year or so if you get the image. But this time I found it rather enjoyable.


Salmon fish with red curry soup


Chicken breast with pumpkin, basil leaves and green curry

I’ve got to know that the green curry is actually much spicier than the red curry. The above two curry dishes go well with boiled rice noddles, or presumably, just plain boiled rice. I thought I’d like to try to cook this by myself at home in the not too distant future!


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