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Some thoughts on Brexit

March 13, 2017

Not knowing much about politics myself but the movement of Brexit has caused a big stir in people’s daily lives lately. Why did British people choose Brexit in a referendum last June which seemed highly unlikely from prediction beforehand? Looking back I have some stories or personal encounters to tell.

The day prior to voting I went to attend a social event in a countryside village hall. Along the quiet narrow road, I saw many signs of “Leave” but not a single sign of “Remain” while driving through the villages. Then the next day we were shocked by the results.

On another club event, a pensioner lady said that we were a “small” island country comparing to the European continent, and could not accommodate with the influx of so many migrants, and our free NHS and educational system would be crumpled if this continued. These honest comments impressed me, and I thought the rest of many other locals in the room would probably share the similar views.

I also remember that I once attended a Christmas gathering in a private house whose owners were an Italian couple with three kids, both working at the same university. At the party the guests were either university staff or research students, coming from all over the world, but without a single original English person. I couldn’t help but think how Britain had widely opened to the world.

After living in the UK and being British for many years, I feel that it’s a great country, with an ingrained sense of fairness. Now it’s time for adjustments. I wish it all the best on the new horizon.

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