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An impressive healthy diet

April 5, 2017

Everyone has own food recipes and dieting habit, depending on individual circumstances, it’s hard to say whichever is good or bad. However, I came across a story which tells an over 80 year old English man who lives alone healthily, and strictly sticks to the same diet for many years.

Here is what he eats daily: Breakfast is a big bowl of oats porridge when he gets up early, by 10am he will have a sandwich; Lunch is fresh salad with a bit of canned fish, or cheese, by 4pm he will have a cup of tea; Dinner will be well cooked by himself, varying every day on a weekly basis, it can be chicken, red meat, fish etc. And he only eat 1-2 eggs a week. In this routine, he buys the same amount of food once a week.

Very impressive!

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