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Acquiring knowledge on holiday

August 21, 2017

One of the rewards about travelling is that one can acquire some knowledge during the period.

My friend and I went to Portugal a while ago, and we visited the Jeronimos Monastery at Belem in Lisbon, which is listed as a World Heritage Site.




While we followed the tour guide, she told us some interesting historic stories which we couldn’t learn by just going there alone. We have learnt that hundreds of years ago when Portuguese explorers went to South America and later colonised Brazil, they found that the local folks ate corns as main daily food. When they built the monastery at their own homeland in Belem, this cultural fact about Brazil was reflected and en-carved on the church walls and pillars, as seen from above picture (a corn in a hand).


The Capital city Lisbon has its own character and cultural heritages. It had also experienced some major earthquakes, one of which occurred in 1755, as recorded being devastating to the city. Portugal is a beautiful country with a long coastal line facing the Atlantic Ocean. Many explorers and migrants once embarked on ships to sail towards America, especially during the WW II, Lisbon was one of the few neutral, open Atlantic ports, providing a gateway for many refugees fleeing from the war to America.

Apart from touring Lisbon, we had visited some other towns by the coast on a day trip. With the help of our tour guides, we had a really good time and learnt a lot during this trip.

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