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Retirement thinking (II)

November 28, 2017

Getting old is not fun, but it’s the last phase of life. Getting old is also a blessing because some even don’t have the chance to get this far.

In modern society we usually wouldn’t rely on family or relatives to look after the oldies, so the care home is a good place to retreat to as the last stop. However, I heard that how expensive the care home cost could be in the UK at present, an average pensioner could hardly afford the weekly rate (about £1000 per week for a decent home) from their pension alone. I thought if the economy was dependent on the market, then the old age care could also be adjusted by the market. For instance, setting up more competitive care homes to bring the price down is an option for the consumers.

The truth is, in some circumstances, old people are as vulnerable as a child, so fundamentally they should be well looked after just like a child’s life.

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