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A futuristic perspective

April 18, 2018

I must admit sometimes I am a bit futuristic. I was inspired by an article/piece of news on the social media a while ago and have been contemplating about it.

It was about how women could be liberated from the hard birth-giving labour by designing a fully hospital based baby incubator to replace the women’s ten-month pregnancy and labour, or in other words, let an artificial womb do the job. The baby still has the same parents, of course. It was a brain storming story indeed!

I also read a true life story from the Facebook not long ago, describing how a woman underwent a cesarean section (while still conscious about the abdomen being opened) to deliver her baby daughter. She prayed, endured so much and felt so relieved when both she and her baby were safe and alive, thanks to the modern medicine and health care.

Child birth is a very hard and risky task for women as a human reproduction process since ancient times. Bringing up children is also a long term commitment mostly for women as well. In modern times, some women choose not to have children at all in order to focus on career, among other lifetime goals. It’s hence inevitable to think, with the advantage of modern genetic engineering and AI, is it possible that men and women can really enjoy the equal freedom on this task? Perhaps in another fifty years or longer, God will hear the prayer.


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