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Summer weekend cooking

The bitter melon has some health benefits, especially when we eat it in the summer. I bought a few of them at the weekend market, and scrambled a couple of eggs (one duck egg and one chicken egg in this dish, but can do using the same type of eggs). After frying them in a pan with oil, salt and soy sauce, with addition of┬ásome chilli and garlic, the dish is done. It’s good to go with rice or noodle.


Random thought of the day

# A little bit of criticism is not a bad thing, because it helps you examine what’s not so good at first and make changes for the better later on.

# Freedom of speech is a pre-requisite for being creative.

# By making hundreds of flowers blossom at the same time you’ll find the outstanding one for you, by encouraging debate and discussion in a certain forum you’ll find the right solution.

A story to tell


There are so many things happening in our daily life that most of them will have been forgotten before long. If you ask me what I did or spoke about a week ago I may not be able to recall it at all. This may be because there exists a memory filter within our brain in which something will always be remembered against the timely tide.

Anyway, what I intend to tell is something that occurred about seven years ago. In the summer of 2010, I went to an international conference with my husband in Barcelona, Spain, as a guest companion. At the conference dinner an American couple sat by my side, and we chatted about the current events when Obama was just elected as the first black president of the US. On the phenomenon of women being under-represented for this top position, the lady blurted out that America would rather elect a black male, a white male of any age and quality than a female of high calibre as president. She sighed, in a half-complaining way. I nodded thoughtfully, without commenting much. The rest of evening went well, and we met many other people and had plenty of conversations which I had forgotten soon, but I was impressed by that brief encounter.

Later on, I seem to realise that while women are already in a weak position in the job market, the sad thing to say is that they often don’t support each other, sometimes even vilify each other. But men often support men. That’s the difference. Sigh. However, the consequence is, you’d never know how much better/worse women could do to the world because they have never been given the chance (while men have evidently been doing the whole lot anyway). I have no problem with admitting the importance of men’s roles, but since women take half of the human population the imbalance in the decisive roles should not be overly ignored.

Life in the pond

There’s a pond in the garden at a friend’s home. While we popped out to get some fresh air, to my astonishment, I found lots of little froggy worms mostly clinging to some edges of the pond, seemingly breathing under the sun.




It’s the season of the year, and you’d be surprised to find many lives in the wild…

Bluebells, trees and ducklings

Last year we missed out photographing the bluebells in the woods, in fact we didn’t figure out the best time of seeing them at all, even after searching for various woods nearby. I have been telling myself not to miss out again this year, so went out several times to the woods during the weekends, and then found the waves of bluebells uphill and downward. It got the lowest bows in the pictures below, yay!



On the edge of the woods, we saw a small field of oak trees in adjacent to the woods but separated by a highway. I always like this type of tree not only because they grow tall solid and leafy, but also they can live very very long, hundreds of years easily. In recent decades, the housing development scenario in the local area witnesses the forestry reserves disappearing rapidly. I just wish this small field of oak trees would stand as long as it can be.


In the woods, there is a lake that rather soothingly greets the forest walkers. We’d often sit on one of the benches to rest after a lengthy walk, and to my surprise, I find the duckling in the lake can actually fly really high, just like a bird, and then scooting down landing on the water surface. Goodness gracious me!


I can tell the males from their attractive colourful head while the females are quite dull looking. Sometimes the animal world is rather opposite to our human gender perception (joking). Previously I only knew this kind of ducks were able to swim in the water as well as walk on the ground, but flying in the air was kind of a new discovery to me, maybe I had read too little about it before. Anyway, I feel the notion of a flying duckling pretty fascinating.

An impressive healthy diet

Everyone has own food recipes and dieting habit, depending on individual circumstances, it’s hard to say whichever is good or bad. However, I came across a story which tells an over 80 year old English man who lives alone healthily, and strictly sticks to the same diet for many years.

Here is what he eats daily: Breakfast is a big bowl of oats porridge when he gets up early, by 10am he will have a sandwich; Lunch is fresh salad with a bit of canned fish, or cheese, by 4pm he will have a cup of tea; Dinner will be well cooked by himself, varying every day on a weekly basis, it can be chicken, red meat, fish etc. And he only eat 1-2 eggs a week. In this routine, he buys the same amount of food once a week.

Very impressive!

Home made food (III)

We usually take turns to cook at home for ladies’ social meetings. It’s cheap and good try, some are better than others.

Below are pictures of a luncheon cooked by Mrs S. The main course was roast pork with crispy skin, the meat nicely done. The peeled pomelo was a type of Asian fruit with a sweet and sour taste, very juicy. Three/four courses in English/Asian style, simple and niche.